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Developers have been forced to rely on centralized infrastructures to connect to blockchains, resulting in rising prices, limited access, and the centralization of what should be decentralized networks.


  • Highly redundant, impossible to take down
  • Coordinates applications and full-nodes trustlessly, making it a magnitude cheaper
  • Low barriers of entry, anyone can participate at any scale
  • Highly redundant, impossible to take down
  • Is blockchain-agnostic, providing one interface to access any chain


  • Incentivizes closed-source set-ups, disincentivizes individuals from running full nodes
  • Higher costs due to heavy reliance on cloud monopolies
  • Is middleman service for “decentralized” Apps
  • Susceptible to censorship and single points of failure
  • Need to manage multiple endpoints to access different blockchains

Pocket Network supports the sustainable decentralization of
any blockchain protocol through three major components

Unstoppable Infrastructure

Pocket Network does not rely on any single source to secure your application. Instead, Pocket coordinates requests through a decentralized relay network of diverse full-node operators in order to guarantee your application the censorship-resistance, resilience, and redundancy it needs to be truly unstoppable.

Connect to a Blockchain

Cost Savings for Apps Revenue for Nodes

By leveraging a crypto-economic model that balances inflation with usage, Pocket Network is not only more affordable for developers but it provides a sustainable growth model for full-node operators at any scale. Developers use and burn. Nodes serve and mint. Both require POKT to be staked. With full-node counts rapidly decreasing (and the rest centralizing) in major blockchains, this is a much needed win-win-win solution.

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One Interface Familiar Tooling

Pocket Network is compatible with any blockchain and can be accessed through a single interface, saving both time and money. Pocket will have SDKs available for Swift, Android and Javascript and has already been integrated into other popular tools such as the Web3 provider for Portis, as well as, Terminal.

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Projects Trusting Pocket

Join forces with major players who are actually walking the walk towards sustainable decentralization. Projects in the Pocket community enjoy synergistic effects, developer support, and grant opportunities for contributing work to our ecosystem.

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