Pocket Network’s mission is to ensure the sustainable decentralization of blockchain infrastructure. In a market that is over-reliant on single-service providers, Pocket Network stands alone as the most complete system for blockchain APIs, by way of its all-inclusive relay network and crypto-economic protocol.

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Pocket Network was conceived by co-founders Michael, Luis, Pabel and Valeria years ago on car rides to and from their jobs at an app development company. In their research building mobile apps for Ethereum, they saw the over-reliance on single-service providers and large cloud companies. After researching other blockchains, they envisioned architecture as performant as centralized options but with all of the resilience needed to make DApps truly unstoppable.


Pocket Network was created as an inclusive relay network for API requests to major blockchains, with a crypto-economic model that minimizes costs for developers while passing the value directly on to the full-nodes. An application connected through Pocket will have their requests routed to available nodes pseudo-randomly, making it the most redundant infrastructure option available. In the event that a “chaosUnicorn” comes in to disrupt a node, Pocket automatically re-routes their requests.


To uphold total fault tolerance of the Pocket Network, we need the treasury, monetary policy, and protocol to be governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that is not reliant on any other blockchain or tool. To achieve this, the Pocket Team is designing a modular governance interface that can evolve based on the will of the developers, node operators, and community members who constitute the DAO. More details to come later in 2020.



The target release date for Pocket Network's Mainnet launch is May the 4th and will include the below features as a baseline. Join us in testing these key features to give us feedback critical for your success on the network once Testnet launches February 11th.

Decentralized Multi-Chain Relay Network

Dynamic Staking Model For Apps

Easy To Configure Pocket Nodes

POKT Token Rewards For Full-Nodes

Familiar Developer Tools


February 2017


Q4 2017

People Calling The Founders Crazy

Q2 2018

Initial Architecture on Ethereum

Q3 2018

Banano Quest Demo App

Q3 2018

Architecture Revision

Q2 2019

The Open Foundation Grant

Q2 2019

Pocket Core MVP

Q2 2019

Tezos Foundation Grant

Q2 2019

POA Network Added to MVP

Q3 2019

Lightstreams Added to MVP

Q4 2019

Icon Network Added to MVP

Q1 2020

Pocket Core Testnet Release

Q2 2020

Mainnet Release

Q1 2021

1B API Requests a day

"One day, there will be thousands of open protocols governing our lives and we’ll have servers in our homes accessing web3 like wifi routers. Pocket will be a critical piece of this future by providing the foundation to empower developers to connect their applications to the next generation of the web."



Andrew Nguyen

Blockchain Dev Lead

Alex Firmani

Lead Solutions Architect

Luis C. de Leon


Wilson Garcia Madera

Developer Experience Engineer

Eduardo Jose Diaz Rodriguez

Blockchain Engineer

Otto Enmanuel Vargas Castro

Blockchain Engineer

Nelson Colon

Infrastructure Security Engineer

Pabel Nuñez

Developer Experience Lead

Lowell Abbott

Infrastructure Lead

Jack Laing

Governance Lead

Patrick Maguire


Gabriela Pena

Finance Manager

Alberto Jauregui

Growth Director

Valeria Benitez Florez

Brand Director

Jeremy Beal

Technical Evangelism

Scott Trowbridge

Business development

Tony Kim

Strategy - Asia

JunYoung Yoon

Strategy - Asia

Steve Tingiris


Shahan Khoshafian

Business Development

Ankur Prasad

Developer Adoption

Nelson Ryan


Shivendu Shivendu, Ph.D


Chris Jenkins

Operations Advisor

Brent Fisher


Adam Liposky

Operations Advisor
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