Pocket Core MVP

The first step towards a fully decentralized, trustless infrastructure, capable of supporting any blockchain for any device.

The Pocket Core MVP is the first release of the Pocket Core relay network architecture. This will serve as the foundation for the Pocket Network to upgrade to a fully decentralized & trustless relay network built for connecting any application, to any blockchain, on any device. We invite those interested in developing on this iteration to register through the links at the bottom of this page. Developers & Node Operators who are confirmed in the registration will receive an airdrop of PXKT, which will be used in early network governance and is redeemable for the native network token POKT upon Pocket Core Mainnet release(Q1 2020).

MVP Architecture


developer sdks

– Account creation, management and persistent functions

– Retrieve and store Service Node data from Dispatch Node

– Report malfunctioning Dispatch Node

– Extendable Plugin interface for custom third party blockchain support

– Send relay payload to retrieved Service Nodes

– Handles authentication flows for whitelisted applications

– Supported platforms: Android, iOS and Javascript (browser and NodeJS)

– Current Blockchains: Ethereum & AION


– Keeps an updated list of all available Service Nodes

– Serves a custom filtered list of Service Nodes to clients upon request

– Receives reports on unresponsive and/or malfunctioning Service Nodes

– Maintained by Pocket Team throughout MVP release


– Run one or multiple instances of Pocket Core

– Connects to preferred blockchain nodes

– Relays read and write to connected blockchains

– Configured to work with Trusted Dispatch Node

– Signals to the Dispatch Node on start which blockchains it supports

– Signals its exit to the Dispatch Node so that no traffic is directed to it

– Currently only nodes with HTTP endpoints available



  • Connect to a blockchain easily, without worrying about full node infrastructure
  • De-risk your application by testing with different chains fluidly
  • Work directly with the team and community to inform final economic model
  • Work directly with the team and community to specify desired functionalities for the next release
  • Be a valued early contributor to a fast growing Ecosystem


  • Explore new growth opportunities for your node operation
  • Work directly with team and community to inform the economic model that will make full node infrastructure sustainable
  • Learn how to configure different node operations into a single interface, streamlining your operation
  • Becoming an early contributor to what will be a truly decentralized node infrastructure network

From Trusted to Trustless

Pocket Core MVP is just Step 1. and still has functions that would not be deemed truly decentralized. The below section is meant to give an overview of where we are heading. A marked transition from “Trusted” network to a fully “Trustless” network state will occur after we have proven that the network’s node infrastructure can be securely distributed at scale. It is at this point that Pocket will launch the test network. Estimated for Q4 2019


– “Trusted” Dispatch Node

– Stress-testing the network

– Data collection, refinement

– Onboarding/Testing with Ecosystem Partners


– Distributed Dispatch Node network

– Pseudo-randomly node selection

– Relay Network economics

– Pocket Blockchain verifying relays

– Expanded Blockchain support

– Continued Stress-testing & Data Collection

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Registration & airdrop Steps


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Upon submission, a Pocket team member will reach out to you with any follow up questions. We will never ask you for tokens so do not send any tokens and report any address that is asking.


After your registration is confirmed, you will be whitelisted into our system and receive Airdrop tokens to your designated Ethereum address.


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